Cowboys Rumblings

I have to admit this has been a pretty bland pre-season and I LOVE IT!!!! I think Jason Garrett has brought to the Cowboys exactly what they needed, a strict, organized, working environment. I think the Cowboys are going to be more fundamentally sound and I think we will see a tougher team this year. Add that the Cowboys finally have a creative defensive coordinator in Rob Ryan and it excites me just thinking about what this defense can and will do this season. For the first time in my life I am actually excited as well for our offensive line and how strong they are looking. I have to admit I didn’t feel any excitement when the Cowboys drafted Tyron Smith in the NFL Draft in the first round, but I am loving it now especially after they added a couple more young lineman later in the draft.

The Cowboys second preseason game has been moved to this Sunday August 21st at 8 pm on NBC!!!! I can’t wait to watch as I am hoping the starters play a decent amount this game.


The Cowboys starting offense and defense showed some good signs last night. Most impressive to me was the pressure the defense was able to put in Kyle Orton and the goal line defense was very impressive. However, the stars of last nights game had to be QB Stephen McGee and rookie WR Dwanye Harris who connected for two touchdowns and over a hundred yards receiving. Very impressive performances from two players that could be impact players down the road.

The Dallas Cowboys have signed safeties Abe Elam and Gerald Sensabaugh to one year deals worth $2.5 million each. I think these are good moves for the Cowboys as it gives them some veteran leadership and experience at the safety position. The one year deals allow the team to reassess some things next season, like their cap space and the development of their younger safeties. Sensabaugh had a tough year last year and so did anyone on the Cowboys defense not named Demarcus Ware. I mean he was playing alongside of Alan Ball who was in his first year as a starting safety and he was playing in Wade Phillips’ predictable defense. Remember, it was just two years ago Cowboys fans were happy to have Sensabaugh from Jacksonville because his production was a great upgrade over the Cowboys had before.

Also, Terrance Newman is out for the preseason with a groin pull, which is good because it will give the other corners more exposure to the new defensive system. The bad news is that we have to deal with another year of questions marks regarding Newman and his injury issues. I would have to say this is likely his last year in Dallas due to his age, salary and injury issues. There are two players I think gain immediate value from this move and they are Orlando Scandrick and Josh Thomas. I have heard a lot of scouts rave about Thomas’s ability to jump and his speed, so now he will get a lot of work in this new system. I actually expect that Jerry Jones may look outside the team for some cornerback help given Newman’s propensity to be injured. Look for the Cowboys to add a veteran cornerback in the next few days/weeks to give the team some added depth.

Spears Returns

The Dallas Cowboys and DE Marcus Spears have agreed on a new 5 yr deal for $19.2 million to help solidify a D-line that lost Stephen Bowen this week. Spears is a solid run stopper and give the Cowboys some veteran leadership on an otherwise young line. Also, it is being reported that the Cowboys are competing with the Jets for the services of CB Nnamdi Asomugha. Either way the Cowboys will see him on September 11 when the Jets open at home against the Cowboys, it’s just a matter of which jersey he will have on. I say sign him and trade/cut Terance Newman!

Kyle Kosier signs a 3 year deal with the Cowboys

The Cowboys has re-signed LG Kyle Kosier to a 3 yr deal worth around $9 million. It is also being reported that the Cowboys and RT Marc Columbo were unable to come to terms on a restructured contract, which would seemingly mean the end of Columbo’s time with the Cowboys. As far as addressing the CB position it looks like Stephen and Jerry Jones are comfortable with their current CB’s and gave indication that they will address the safety positions via free agency. This likely means that the Cowboys will not be players for CB Asomugha. I just hope that with the Cowboys seemingly out of the picture that Asomugha doesn’t end up with divinson rival Eagles. Expect to see 2-3 safeties signed along with 1-2 more offensive lineman over the next 2 days as the Cowboys would prefer to get the bulk of their free agent additions in camp as soon as possible.

Doug Free has resigned with the Dallas Cowboys, signing a 4 yr deal worth $32 million with $17 million guaranteed. The contract Free signed signals he would be the starting LT for the Cowboys, but that could change if Tyron Smith shows he is capable of handling the LT position. I tend to think the Cowboys view Free as the long term RT and had to pay him LT money to prevent him from leaving and going to another team. I think at some point in the 2011 season the offensive line will consist of LT Smith, LG Kosier, C Gurode, RG Holland/Other, RT Free. The Cowboys have also been in contact with the agent of Abram Elam who is familiar with defensive coordinators system after his time in Cleveland with Ryan. Look for the Cowboys to have a very busy day today and tomorrow with new of restructured contracts of Newman, Romo, Ware, and Austin to go along with more cuts to create room for them to sign Free Agents.

Cowboys make some cuts Tuesday

The Dallas Cowboys made some cuts Tuesday as the NFL off season officially began. I wrote a couple weeks ago that when the lockout ended that these were some of the names to watch for as the Cowboys attempt to get under the new $120 million cap. So far it has been reported that Marion Barber, Leonard Davis, Roy Williams, Kris Brown, and Marc Columbo. However, the release of Columbo is more of a mystery right now because after his meeting Tuesday with Owner/GM Jerry Jones he said he is safe for now. These moves right now save the Orioles around $17 million, which puts the Cowboys just north of the $120 million cap. I fully expect in the coming days for us to see Tony Romo restructure his contract, Terrance Newman released or restructure his contract, and Keith Brooking to be released. There are obviously more moves and restructuring to be done, but with Jerry Jones saying that the Cowboys will be able to sign any Free Agent this off season I look for him to make some big moves to make a run at the likes of Nnamdi Asomugha to solidify the backfield. I also expect Jones to sign another Wide Reciever and a star Safety to go along with some offensive line help.